How to order service.

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If you have already registered skip this step.

Step 1.

Sign in if you’ve already registered.

Step 1-2.
Step 2.
Step 3.

Type in a USERNAME of your choice using letters and numbers only. Provide the name of whom referred you if applicable.

Step 4.
Step 5.

On the next page it is not necessary to fill out the billing address. We don’t need it. Just scroll down and select a payment method.
*Credit/Debit/PayPal (Autopay) is a subscription payment option. Your invoices will be paid automatically as long as the payment information you enter is still valid.

Step 6.

If you choose Credit/Debit/PayPal then you’ll be redirected to a secure online payment portal. If you choose another method you’ll be sent to your digital invoice with further instructions to complete the payment. You can also choose to change your payment method at this time.

Step 7.

After completing the ordering process you’ll receive an email stating that your account is now activated and you’ll be provided your login credentials. Activations can take up to 72 hours but are usually completed within an hour.