NOTE: Enabling Apps from Unknown Sources must be completed to install our apps.

The instructions below will show you how to install Downloader and our apps; Ultimate App or Dub+ App.

DFDubTV Duo-Pro, DFDubTV and DubFlix. Discontinued variants.

You can choose to use any or all of our apps with their appropriate service subscriptions.

*You can also use the app links to install on your Android devices.

Step 1.

From the home-screen/main menu area navigate to the far left of the menu to find Magnifying Glass (Search).

Step 2.

Type in Downloader.

Step 3.

Select the Downloader app icon.

Step 4.

Click Download.

Step 5.

Click Open.

Step 6.

Click Allow.

Step 7.

Click OK.

Step 8.

That’s it for the installation of Downloader. Once in the app be sure to enable JavaScript within the settings.

Step 9, getting our apps.

While at the main screen within the Downloader app you’ll need to type in a link to the app of your choice.

Choose the app you wish to use from the following links. for our Ultimate app.

Red Version –
Breast Cancer Awareness Month edition – for our Dub+ app.

DFDubTV Ultimate app.
DFDubTV + app.

Step 10.

Click Go after the link has been typed in and the app will automatically begin to download.

Step 11.

Upon download completion you’ll be prompted to Install or Cancel. Select Install.

Step 12.

The installation will work through itself automatically and you’ll be given two options; Done or Open. Select Done.

Step 13.

This will bring you back to an active Download window. Select Delete and then select Delete again to confirm the deletion of the install file.

Step 14.

Return to the home-screen/main menu area and under the Your Apps & Channels sub-menu, scroll to the far right and click See All. This will bring up all the apps installed on your device. Anything you’ve recently installed will be at the bottom. Hover over the app you just installed, press the Options button (3 horizontal lines on remote) and select Move to front. Now the app will be easier to find from the home-screen.

Step 15.

Open whichever of our apps you chose to install and sign-in using the appropriate credentials. Our passwords are system generated and contain 10 digits so they can be a bit confusing to read.
If you need some help deciphering your password feel free to use our decoder HERE.