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Content availability and uptime.

Cable Assassins Hosting hosts no actual streams.  Several categories and content types are to be considered bonus and will work when they do and are not guaranteed to be available at all times.  These include; foreign categories, music channels, locals, 24/7 streams and any on-demand content.  Downtime is unavoidable but we do try to limit it to the best of our ability.  This service is often blocked or slowed by various ISPs and the use of VPN may (or may not) help your streaming experience.

All sales are final.

All sales and/or renewals are final.  No refunds will be processed.  Please be sure you understand what the service is, how to get setup and how to operate before completing a purchase.
We strive to have the highest uptime percentage possible but this is not a 100% guaranteed situation.  Channels go down, channels are added/removed/re-categorized and the same goes for the VoD content across both services.  Refunds on hardware purchases are on a case by case basis and dependent on the seller.

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